This is the most heard question in media nowadays, do you really believe that Bollywood should be banned throughout Pakistan.

If you said yes, then why only Bollywood, you should also banned Hollywood movies.

Some critics say that Bollywood movies have a strong influence on our culture and on our youth. But this is a lame excuse, I think you forget that before independence we share same culture and languages. Than how suddenly after freedom our cultures become different. How it is possible that the people who spend thousands of years with each other suddenly become so much different that they are in fear that they have a war on culture with each other. This is a totally fake assumption created by our media.

Now the point is that do we think that watching a Bollywood movie is a sin and watching a Pakistani movie is a well respected thing. Our media and industry now should be responsible in this matter and if they really want to compete with international industry than they should make quality entrainment for the nation.

One more thing, if you really want to ban movies than please ban all movies whether they made within our boundaries or outside our boundaries. Stop these double standards.


The day of decision

14th August,1947

The day when we emerged on the map of the world as a nation. This was not happened in one day, it was the constant untired efforts of our ancestors. Our ancestors sacrified their families and some of them migrated from those lands in which their families lived for centuries. They had a dream of a free land in which they spend their lives in harmony and peace according to the teaching of Islam without any restriction. A land in which they had treated with unbiased justice and equal opportunities.

Now I asked you that do you think that you have fulfill the dreams of your forefathers. Now is the time for everyone among us to rethink and revalue your efforts towards your homeland.

I know that it is our habit to think that what our country gave us. Just for a moment thinks that what we are giving to our soil.

Just think!

Do you read?

If you asked me that is there any way by which you can know your world, experience great civilizations, than the only answer you heard from me is reading.

It is the thing which cultivates your mind with different ideas. You can easily learn from other people experiences, knows their thoughts and approach towards life.There is an international survey about reading habits, it shows that the people of developed nations spends a lot of their time in reading. The number of libraries and books issued are the main index which shows the interest of nation towards reading.

Now just look at us, where are we standing. We standing in shame of ignorance. Our  minds are as black as a dark night. In my opinion, it is the time for us to awake our nation. If we want to get success in this world then we have to show some interest in reading otherwise we will become past.


Are you a thinker or an abserver

Ideas are the soul of writing or simply said the main ingredient.

Now this very moment when I am writing this piece of writing,my mind is totally empty like a vast barren land with no sign of life. A desert without hope to find water. A forest covered with mist and darkness.

I tries hard to cultivate this barren land, I try to water this desert. But the real question is that from where these ideas came?

There are different opinions, some thinks that ideas originates from thinking, while other thinks that ideas came from observation. Both school of thoughts are right in their ow places, because some people are thinkers and some are observers. Now it is up to you to find your karma, find your own destiny in writing