The coffee time!

Do you know what is the best time of the day?

The time which you spent with your family!

Do you know that there are some distinct features of the people who live in the East,  among them one is family system. Family is always first in every Eastern culture, whether they are Muslim of Arab, or they are idol worshippers of India or Japan since ages.

I don’t say that Western culture doesn’t give importance to their family, I just say that the eastern culture dominant them in this virtue. 

Eastern people have an amazing family bonds. They prefer to live in joint family system. There lives, thier everyday decision are very much based on thier families. Just imagine a child who raised in a family with full of uncles and aunts and lot of cousins, he is groomed in this way. He always think of his family first then about himself.

But believe me, now Eastern culture is starting to collapse, people become more self oriented than family oriented. 

It’s time to think for all of us, whether we live in East or west, family is very beautiful and we have to respect it. 


The Sparkling Sky

We human thinks that we have the solution for everything. We torches the dark night, we know everything about technology but we don’t know anything about our nature.

I am really disappointed from the human race, they are those who creates the weapon of mass destruction for their own fellow beings. I know  you argue that all animals kills thier own race. I admit you are right, but can you explain a phenomena in which they tried to wipe the whole race, like we human do.

Sometimes I feel pity on humans, I am ashamed when they don’t take care of thier own home. You never saw such bizzare behaviour in any other specie, but we human are those who proudly destroy our nature, our earth.

I want to say that just do your part toward your planet.keep it clean, healthy and safe for your future generations!!!

Green Planet, The only home to human race!

Plants are the last life line for us, if they ends, surely the human race wipes out from the face of the earth. 

Every individual has responsibility to make this planet green. This is the best investment, the more you invest on the betterment of this planet, the more you make secure the future of your generations. 

I am amazed that how this possible that we ignores our planet.

 can you ever ignores your own home? Obviously not, because you think your home is your personal entity, but believe me this planet is also yours. This our only home on this galaxy, we cannot survive on any other planet. So at least put some effort to make it a better place for the human race!

The Wing needs Air!

For you the wing may be just a piece of fibre and aluminum but actually it is the thing which makes the metal fly.

Do you know how birds use them, and now you see how the human use them to make their machines fly. Don’t compare our flight with birds, they born with it. They are evolved with it, we are used to it for only a century ago.

In every aspect of human progress, we learn from the nature.Nature is the best teacher for human since the beginning of time. 

The other side of the door!

Sometimes when we face a problem in our daily life, we think that it may be easy for us if we are in different scenario.

But reality is totally opposite, the other side of the door is actually the same as this side, to face any difficulty and problem in your life, you just need motivation and determination to never surrender.

The only person on the whole planet who ease your problem is only you. You are the best remedy for your every problem, you don’t need any one, you don’t need resources from outside, the one and only thing you need is that you make yourself your Allie. This is the universal truth in rectifying any problem!

The Blue Sky

I always love morning time, this is the time when I feel myself lonely and in the lap of nature. If you want inner peace  make yourself close to the nature.

The morning time is really best for you to watch and observe your sorroundings. You see clear sky with lights come from the clouds with little bit of darkness in the background. You heard the most sweetest melodies of nature, you heard the chirping of birds, you enjoy it. 

I am always close to the nature, I enjoy the company of nature. 

The Importance of Trees

Can you imagine a world without any vegetation?

Believe me just mere thinking of it terrorize me, how I imagine a world with full of barrenness and emptiness, It is a nightmare for whole humanity.

We humans spent our whole time for our family, friends and for ourselves, but can you know that you have another responsibility besides yourself and that is towards your earth.

The same earth on which you daily walk, sit and spent your whole life, Don’t you think that you have an important responsibility for it. Just think about it, play your vital role for the betterment of this world.