The coffee time!

Do you know what is the best time of the day?

The time which you spent with your family!

Do you know that there are some distinct features of the people who live in the East,  among them one is family system. Family is always first in every Eastern culture, whether they are Muslim of Arab, or they are idol worshippers of India or Japan since ages.

I don’t say that Western culture doesn’t give importance to their family, I just say that the eastern culture dominant them in this virtue. 

Eastern people have an amazing family bonds. They prefer to live in joint family system. There lives, thier everyday decision are very much based on thier families. Just imagine a child who raised in a family with full of uncles and aunts and lot of cousins, he is groomed in this way. He always think of his family first then about himself.

But believe me, now Eastern culture is starting to collapse, people become more self oriented than family oriented. 

It’s time to think for all of us, whether we live in East or west, family is very beautiful and we have to respect it. 


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