Never be a pessimist!

The falling leaves are never be the end, they never depicts the doom of life, if you looks it closely you found the rhymes of a new and fresh begining.

The life of man revolves around the same loop, in our daily life we faces number of losses and different doors of our lives which closed on us, but the thing is simply that these are just a sign that there is a new era ready to starting in our life. 

The point to ponder is that you never be a pessimist in your life, it is against the law of nature.


The Blue Sky!

Can you ever try to see the sky?

I know you said a lot of times, but can you really focus on it, do you imagine how big is the sky, how immense it is. we humans are always fascinated with the sky from our very begining. We link this great blue sky with our imagination. every single religion on this earth associates the heavenly bodies with sky.

I am not amazed with this behavior, We humans are the most curious specie on this planet, We want to know every thing, We associates our hopes and fears with the unknown, this is what we do since ages. 

Do you know we humans are not different from other species, every specie on this planet share the same physical characteristics, we need to eat, sleep and mate. Do you know which thing make us so much complex and most dominating specie on this planet?

 Our logical reasoning. 

So if you are a human without any logical reasoning than you are no more than different than an ape or a orangutan.

Never let your logical reasoning to be died, let it alive!!!!! 

Can you ever imagined your shadow? How it hides our abnormalities and our defects, no one can know our faults by just looking on our shadow.

We humans are no doubt the most complex creation on this planet. We learns to know how to hide our emotions and intentions from other fellow beings. We are the first specie on this planet who lives with many faces. You see a lion he just got one face, the face of mighty predator. You see a deer, he got a face of innocent animal.

But we human have dozens of faces, we are the one who decieve our own kind. We actually lives in the dark shadows, every human live revolves around mockery and deceivness, we  are the one who are extremely harmful for its own kind and also for this whole planet. 

Everything in this world has a purpose. Just see a little bee gathering nectar from the flowers and make honey, you think it is important for us only because of honey, no a little bee has a more important job, it is crucial for the existence of the flora on this planet. It is among those species who always play an important role in the life cycle of plants and animals.

Nature has a lot of different colors. Sometimes it devastating us, sometimes it blessed us. But it always love us. Every destruction that it brings upon us is the real beginning of a new face of life. You never tamed nature, but you learn to live besides it. 

The Evolution!

Can you now that the plants have the power to adapt themselves according to their surroundings?

I know you never give them the respect that they deserve. We homo sapiens have the greatest dilemma ever that we just think that we are far superior than every specie on this planet. According to science the standard for checking the extent of evolution in any specie is to check the number of genes in them, Just check the genes of rice plant, it have more genes than you. 

It means a plant who has not the power to move itself is more evolved than HOMOSAPIENS. What a pity!!!!

Guys just change your attitude towards your daily sorroundings things, look them again, they are beautiful. The world around you is a miracle of thousands of years of evolution, repsect it. 

How a person can ignores the beauty of nature around him? But if he does than there is a full chance that may be his evolution is not on the right path, and he may be the missing link!!!!!