The Evolution!

Can you now that the plants have the power to adapt themselves according to their surroundings?

I know you never give them the respect that they deserve. We homo sapiens have the greatest dilemma ever that we just think that we are far superior than every specie on this planet. According to science the standard for checking the extent of evolution in any specie is to check the number of genes in them, Just check the genes of rice plant, it have more genes than you. 

It means a plant who has not the power to move itself is more evolved than HOMOSAPIENS. What a pity!!!!

Guys just change your attitude towards your daily sorroundings things, look them again, they are beautiful. The world around you is a miracle of thousands of years of evolution, repsect it. 

How a person can ignores the beauty of nature around him? But if he does than there is a full chance that may be his evolution is not on the right path, and he may be the missing link!!!!!


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