The Blue Sky!

Can you ever try to see the sky?

I know you said a lot of times, but can you really focus on it, do you imagine how big is the sky, how immense it is. we humans are always fascinated with the sky from our very begining. We link this great blue sky with our imagination. every single religion on this earth associates the heavenly bodies with sky.

I am not amazed with this behavior, We humans are the most curious specie on this planet, We want to know every thing, We associates our hopes and fears with the unknown, this is what we do since ages. 

Do you know we humans are not different from other species, every specie on this planet share the same physical characteristics, we need to eat, sleep and mate. Do you know which thing make us so much complex and most dominating specie on this planet?

 Our logical reasoning. 

So if you are a human without any logical reasoning than you are no more than different than an ape or a orangutan.

Never let your logical reasoning to be died, let it alive!!!!! 


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