We are corrupted!

We daily said lot of things against corruption in our society. We think it as a cancer for our system. We abuse the politicians due to their corruption.

Can you ever imagine that the real source of corruption starts from our own lives.I know that you don’t believe me.

Now just rethink how many times you use a friend and bypass other people who are waiting for their turn in any cue. We all did lot of small things in our lives which we think are innocent and they are not a big deal for us.

Now take an example of a person who is lot more powerful than you, he also uses his friend to take lot of money in any government deal. From his perspective this is a normal thing for him.

If we look closely, both type of person are involved in same type of corruption. The mere difference is about their power and authority but both involved in corruption.

My friend always remember that corruption starts from the grass root level and we are the main reason to make it flourish to the highest levels. Please stop saying any word against it until you make your basic lives free from it.


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