​Does curiosity kills the cat?

​Does curiosity kills the cat?

I don’t know from the very perspective of the cat or from the animal kingdom, because unfortunately I am a human. The very specie who loves to destroy this world, who loves to unbalance this whole system. 

I think I become too emotional. So leave this topic for another day.

Curiosity doesn’t kill us, but actually it is the thing which makes us human, the most dominant specie on this planet. 

Our daily lives revolves around the curiosity, if we were not curious than may be this world is not what it is used to be. We leave our caves due to this, we change our way of transportation due to this, every human achievement revolves around it.

I think evolution just stops or slow in this era, the things which makes us prime, now slowly getting fade. I am not so much positive about the human now, I am more confused about the aspect of human curiosity.

But one thing is sure don’t let your curiosity dies. If it ends than may be the humanity ends.


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