Trump, a person or an idea!

what comes in your mind when you heard the name of trump?

I dont know what you think , but I have some blurred figures came in my mind, the first one is about the person who is billionaire and have a reputation of a real estate king and the other figure is about a person who by chance got the seat of  the most powerful person in the world but he is bit confused about every thing. 

the later one is more dangerous for the world.

Just think a child who got a match stick in his hand and he got the potential to burn his own home.

Is he really such a guy? we know this in future, but now the important thing is that why he hates every muslim?

I gave you a little example just think of osama bin laden who hates every christan, same thing is happens with the trump, he also hates every muslim.

So for me osama and trump are not the persons, they are actually the name of a thinking or more accurately a brain disease, in which you think that your race or religion is far superior than the rest of the world.

I am really done with such peoples, sometimes ago I only thinks that this type of negative thinking only exists in eastern countries because they have poor literacy rate, but I am amazed to hear such views from the western people. It means education doesn’t effects the brain condition of man, It gives me a relief that eastern people are not the only dumb people on this world, there are a lot of dumbest people also lives in the west modern society.



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