I believe in dragons!

I believe in dragons!

From the books of children to the popular myths, dragons live among us as a symbol of evil, fear as well as kindness. They are part of the ancient folklore to the stories of the gods.

If we sneak in the pages of religion, we found fascinating stories about dragons. In eastern religions, they are considered as a source of kindness and hope. One more thing, East saw them as wingless creatures with the power to fly. They are the protectors of humans, or the companions of deities or simply the guards of heaven. People worship then for good luck.

Now if we come towards West, the picture of dragon is totally different. They are evil fire spitting creatures with wings. They considered as the enemy of men, the destroyer. Western legend is full of stories about warriors who went on Odyssey to slay this mighty beast. According to famous legend, it’s blood has magical power, anyone who baths in his blood becomes invincible.

Now we come to the modern era dragons or the descendents of these mighty dragons. They still walk among us in the form of reptiles. Now they have different sizes, colors and characteristics but share common ancestry. 

As human, or simply said as the member of a so called supreme race, if you believe in dragons or love them, save reptiles. They need us. Love your planet and it’s species!!!


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