Face your fears!

Do you ever stepped outside your comfort zone?

I bet you are afraid of it, we all are.

If you are a lone person you are afraid to interect with peoples and vice versa. The most difficult thing for us as a logical thinker is to overcome the fear or the barrier which always put hardles on our way.

Now think of your brain, a greyish substance of few ounces but have the tremendous power of logical decision making. Whenever you tried to do a thing which is not synchronized with your brain, logical programming starts, it tries to convince you about the upcoming danger, you think of it as a defence mehanism.

But is this mechanism is always reliable?

Absolutely not! Sometimes your brain picks some bad memories from your childhood or some unpleasant incidents are processed and your logical mind make them your nightmares.

Now it’s up to you to understand your fears and make them your strength!!