Real face of Buddhist of Burma

Once I read in an article about the Buddhist people that they were the most peaceful people in the history. They were the only ones whose history are not stained in the blood, because every other religion including mine is somehow depicted some sort of violence and bloodshed. I was amazed by them that how good they are to keep themselves away from the violence in such a cruel world. 

But how wrong I was!

They are not the same people anymore, they are not the people who follow the teachings of Buddha  Now the Buddhist of Burma are more like beasts, they are even more brutal than any other religion in the world. Now I understands they are most inferior of every other human in the world. They are the people who talk about peace, and than they kill people and beheaded children on the other hand. They kill Muslim and burnt their bodies to conceal their crimes. If someone argue that this is the political or some sort of army crime in Burma, then he tells me that are the killing of children, or the raping of woman, or the genocide of people only because of religion is arguable? 

The Buddhist of Burma now show the world their real face.

If you have any doubt on what i said about Burma, Go check yourself about Burma on BBC or CNN. 

Please stand for the Rohingya people, they actually needs you!!!!!