Sometimes the smallest things are of the great importance. How a little word of kindness can make the whole scenario changed. How a little act of love make your whole busy worn out day to be changed in a peaceful one.

Like above things, our eco system works in the same way. Every tiny organism is as important as the mammoth elephant. Nature follows only one rule, the balance in every thing. If we destroy the balance in our eco system, then for sure we make our world, a hell. 

​I don’t know that why I ever needs some sort of motivation to write something.

I am confused because of that, i am curious that is this true for other people, do they always need some motivation to write something, to draw something?

So the main theme is that Do we always need it? for me little things gives me inspirations, I found motivation in the green leaves, in the clouds, in the giggling of child.

So you have to find your niche, your ambition. If you succeed in finding your true passion believe me you found the reason of your existence.

Do you know why nature creates us differently? 

It is because nature works on diversity, or you say the whole planet exists on this rule.

Ignorance motivates us!

Will you ever attaches yourself to someone?

If you do, than you know the pain of ignorance. The worst thing for a man  is absolutely the ignorance. A man can bear anything but what he cannot bear is the ignorance. 

We are the true social animals, we cannot survive alone and this is in our genes. That’s why whenever some fellow human especially the one with whom our heart attaches, ignores us, we feel a deep sense of emptiness in our heart. We feel that the life is no more same for us, we feel that the universe is in a sad mode. 

But sometimes this is a blessing in disguise. Read the life of every artist, they always feels this horrible feeling of ignorance or rejection from their loved ones. 

Now it is up to you, to use this feeling as a sadness in life or as a motivation.

We are corrupted!

We daily said lot of things against corruption in our society. We think it as a cancer for our system. We abuse the politicians due to their corruption.

Can you ever imagine that the real source of corruption starts from our own lives.I know that you don’t believe me.

Now just rethink how many times you use a friend and bypass other people who are waiting for their turn in any cue. We all did lot of small things in our lives which we think are innocent and they are not a big deal for us.

Now take an example of a person who is lot more powerful than you, he also uses his friend to take lot of money in any government deal. From his perspective this is a normal thing for him.

If we look closely, both type of person are involved in same type of corruption. The mere difference is about their power and authority but both involved in corruption.

My friend always remember that corruption starts from the grass root level and we are the main reason to make it flourish to the highest levels. Please stop saying any word against it until you make your basic lives free from it.

Never be a pessimist!

The falling leaves are never be the end, they never depicts the doom of life, if you looks it closely you found the rhymes of a new and fresh begining.

The life of man revolves around the same loop, in our daily life we faces number of losses and different doors of our lives which closed on us, but the thing is simply that these are just a sign that there is a new era ready to starting in our life. 

The point to ponder is that you never be a pessimist in your life, it is against the law of nature.

The Blue Sky!

Can you ever try to see the sky?

I know you said a lot of times, but can you really focus on it, do you imagine how big is the sky, how immense it is. we humans are always fascinated with the sky from our very begining. We link this great blue sky with our imagination. every single religion on this earth associates the heavenly bodies with sky.

I am not amazed with this behavior, We humans are the most curious specie on this planet, We want to know every thing, We associates our hopes and fears with the unknown, this is what we do since ages. 

Do you know we humans are not different from other species, every specie on this planet share the same physical characteristics, we need to eat, sleep and mate. Do you know which thing make us so much complex and most dominating specie on this planet?

 Our logical reasoning. 

So if you are a human without any logical reasoning than you are no more than different than an ape or a orangutan.

Never let your logical reasoning to be died, let it alive!!!!! 

Can you ever imagined your shadow? How it hides our abnormalities and our defects, no one can know our faults by just looking on our shadow.

We humans are no doubt the most complex creation on this planet. We learns to know how to hide our emotions and intentions from other fellow beings. We are the first specie on this planet who lives with many faces. You see a lion he just got one face, the face of mighty predator. You see a deer, he got a face of innocent animal.

But we human have dozens of faces, we are the one who decieve our own kind. We actually lives in the dark shadows, every human live revolves around mockery and deceivness, we  are the one who are extremely harmful for its own kind and also for this whole planet.