United for Palestine

You don’t found any type of Harmony or brotherhood in any Islamic country, jerouslem is no more the part of Palestine. Shame on us. This is the time for all Islamic countries to United for Palestine, otherwise we only teach our generations that once it was our part.


Real face of Buddhist of Burma

Once I read in an article about the Buddhist people that they were the most peaceful people in the history. They were the only ones whose history are not stained in the blood, because every other religion including mine is somehow depicted some sort of violence and bloodshed. I was amazed by them that how good they are to keep themselves away from the violence in such a cruel world. 

But how wrong I was!

They are not the same people anymore, they are not the people who follow the teachings of Buddha  Now the Buddhist of Burma are more like beasts, they are even more brutal than any other religion in the world. Now I understands they are most inferior of every other human in the world. They are the people who talk about peace, and than they kill people and beheaded children on the other hand. They kill Muslim and burnt their bodies to conceal their crimes. If someone argue that this is the political or some sort of army crime in Burma, then he tells me that are the killing of children, or the raping of woman, or the genocide of people only because of religion is arguable? 

The Buddhist of Burma now show the world their real face.

If you have any doubt on what i said about Burma, Go check yourself about Burma on BBC or CNN. 

Please stand for the Rohingya people, they actually needs you!!!!! 

Face your fears!

Do you ever stepped outside your comfort zone?

I bet you are afraid of it, we all are.

If you are a lone person you are afraid to interect with peoples and vice versa. The most difficult thing for us as a logical thinker is to overcome the fear or the barrier which always put hardles on our way.

Now think of your brain, a greyish substance of few ounces but have the tremendous power of logical decision making. Whenever you tried to do a thing which is not synchronized with your brain, logical programming starts, it tries to convince you about the upcoming danger, you think of it as a defence mehanism.

But is this mechanism is always reliable?

Absolutely not! Sometimes your brain picks some bad memories from your childhood or some unpleasant incidents are processed and your logical mind make them your nightmares.

Now it’s up to you to understand your fears and make them your strength!!

I believe in dragons!

I believe in dragons!

From the books of children to the popular myths, dragons live among us as a symbol of evil, fear as well as kindness. They are part of the ancient folklore to the stories of the gods.

If we sneak in the pages of religion, we found fascinating stories about dragons. In eastern religions, they are considered as a source of kindness and hope. One more thing, East saw them as wingless creatures with the power to fly. They are the protectors of humans, or the companions of deities or simply the guards of heaven. People worship then for good luck.

Now if we come towards West, the picture of dragon is totally different. They are evil fire spitting creatures with wings. They considered as the enemy of men, the destroyer. Western legend is full of stories about warriors who went on Odyssey to slay this mighty beast. According to famous legend, it’s blood has magical power, anyone who baths in his blood becomes invincible.

Now we come to the modern era dragons or the descendents of these mighty dragons. They still walk among us in the form of reptiles. Now they have different sizes, colors and characteristics but share common ancestry. 

As human, or simply said as the member of a so called supreme race, if you believe in dragons or love them, save reptiles. They need us. Love your planet and it’s species!!!

Thought of the day!

Sometimes I just think that how the God creates man. We are unique in different aspects, I admit that woman are equally important. But we are different in different aspects, like our brains works completely different, our bodies have totally diverse type of qualities than our counterpart.

I am not talking about the greatness of man comparitve to woman, because both genders are equally great in all aspects. But in the same time they are totally opposite to each other. 

Water is the new oil (part 2)

Do you know that now the global politics revolves around the water resources, the countries who have the access to it are the new leaders of the world economy. Our trade routes or simply said the world economic routes are dependent on it. Now the new game is actually to have access of the world waters, China and America are the key players in this scenario. America is currently facing some problems in the south china sea and dead sea by china and turkey, but this is the part of the game.

But I assure you that water is the key of progress in the future, whether it is about clean drinking water or salt water. Now what is your part in all this game, of course you don’t need to build your own DIY home dam, but you need to understand the importance of water. You have to make your efforts to save this precious commodity.

(part 2 ended)

Water is the new oil

“Water is life, and clean water means health.” Audrey Hepburn said it. I don’t know who is she, I only know that what she said is absolutely right.

I am not a dreamer but I always dreamt of a planet where everyone has the access to clean water. 

According to international survey, there are lots of countries which do not have access to the clean water. Pakistan, Afghanistan and India are the winner in this list. 

For the west, this is quite unusual that clean water is problem, but for us it is the matter of life and death. We face alarming number of hepatitis cases in the recent years, and the main reason is contaminated water. 

There is also a theory about the third world war that it could be fought on the water resources. 

Water is now the new oil, you can use it for energy, for irrigation, for everyday use. You can’t imagine a life without water. 

(Part 1 ended)